Project Name International Cooperative Biodiversity Group (ICBG) Funding 567000 USD Timeline 2014-2019 Donors Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) Lead IAS Leading & Coordinating Partners Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC)Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) Description The ICBG program aims to integrate improvement of human health through drug discovery, conservation of biodiversity, promotion of scientific research and […]

Pacific Community Water Management

Description The project led by the International Water Centre of Griffith University in collaboration with the IAS  and Solomon Islands National University also involves some Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). Fiji, comprising more than 300 islands, has a population of around 885,000 people.  Of these, about 56% reside in urban areas and 44% reside in rural […]

FAO Tomani’ivi BioRap

Description FAO Technical services to produce a report on the baseline assessment and current state of the Biological Diversity within the areas of natural forests consented by the landowning communities as an extension to the Tomaniivi Forest Reserve and Wabu Forest Reserve for the purpose of protection for biodiversity conservation.

Fiji Ridge to Reef

Description The Fiji Ridge to Reef (R2R) project is a multi-partnership agreement for a 1.5 Million USD project to improve climate resilience and to sustain livelihoods in Fiji.The Fiji R2R Project intends to preserve biodiversity, ecosystem services, sequester carbon, improve climate resilience and sustain livelihoods through a ridge-to-reef management of six priority water catchments on […]

Feasibility study and needs assessment for updating and publishing the 3rd edition of the Pacific Islands Food Composition Tables

Description Focused on the feasibility of revising the 2nd edition of the Pacific Islands Food Composition Tables that was published in 2004 to produce and publish an updated 3rd edition. The second edition has been an important resource of nutritional information of regularly consumed foods in the South Pacific. Funding Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) […]

GEF/Nagoya Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Projects

Description The Nagoya Protocol and its access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their utilisation under the Convention on Biological Diversity is an international agreement. Fiji has ratified the Nagoya protocol in 2011 but has been using an ad-hoc Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) policy consistent with the […]

Governance Enhancement

Description IAS continues to pioneer the use of participatory techniques and adaptive management to assist communities adopt good governance practices in developing, implementing and monitoring resource management plans. It continues to work with the USP Governance Program to study how Fijian villages can best govern themselves and in developing case studies in environmental governance.  The […]

Water and Sanitation Markets in the Pacific: Understanding Demand and Fostering Sustainable WASH Marketplaces (the “WatSan marketing Project”)

Description Represent USP and (IWC project team as needed) at project related activities and meetings Encourage and support the IWC in developing long-term relationships and collaborative opportunities with project partners. Uphold a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect for other project participant IAS also continued its work on community-based watershed management with projects in Ra, […]

Post-Graduate Research

IAS currently has a number of students undertaking postgraduate (Master of Science) level research and is engaged in on-going monitoring of management effectiveness. This research aims to be ‘needs driven’ and respondent to the questions that communities that are engaged in Community Based Natural Resource Management are asking. The projects currently underway include the following: […]

Climate Change

Institute’s expertise was also recognized by being subcontracted to implement the Coral Triangle Fiji project under the Asian Development Bank and as a local implementation partner (with PACE-SD)  in the US$20 million USAID project on climate change in the region.  The biodiversity assessment team also performed assessments under the IUCN. 2011 Another major consultancy of […]