Laboratory Services


Funded by the World Bank through collaboration between the Institute and the Fiji Government’s Department of Environment, the laboratory is capable of analysing the list of tests outlined in the Fiji Government Biofuel Standards.


This Water Section specialises in the physical and chemical analyses of both potable and non-potable water types, and environmental samples including soil, sand and sediments.


The Food section of the IAS Laboratory specialises in the analyses of nutritional and contaminant content of South Pacific foods, data on which can be used for nutritional labeling. The combination of these skills as well as in sampling and food technology are used to explore new product developments for community initiatives and trade.

Requests for Testing Services and Samples Submission

Contact us first to discuss your Testing Needs as this will ensure you get the tests you need, on time and for the best value.

International Accreditation

The integrity of our test results is of paramount importance, allowing our customers to make informed decisions. Customers work with us safe in the knowledge that their results are reliable, repeatable and meet legislative standards.

General Services

Project Management & Consultancies

With our range of expertise and experience in environmental and natural resources management, biodiversity and ecological assessments and other applied sciences areas we offer project management and consultancies services in...


Another role of IAS is to organize short technical and scientific training courses that cannot be met through the normal teaching program of the University

Environment Socio-Economic Impact Assessment

The systematic analysis used during EIA to identify and evaluate the potential socio-economic and cultural impacts of a proposed development on the lives and circumstances of people, their families and their communities.