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The Institute of Applied Sciences (IAS) of The University of the South Pacific (USP) interfaces the University's expertise and facilities to the independent island countries of the South Pacific Region. Established in 1977 under the name of Institute of Natural Resources at the Suva campus of USP, IAS has grown to have over 65 full time staff and its own accredited laboratories and scientific equipment located in the Marine Science Building at the "lower" Laucala Bay Campus by the sea. More about us here

Our Services

Environment Impact Assesment

We Provide EIA services to customers to ensure environment sustainability, compliance with national environmental laws and standards, to maximize enivronmental benefits while minimizing environment costs for EIAs.

Food & Water Quality Monitoring

Food and water safety and food security are intrinsically linked, not only to each other, but also to the safety and availability of water, the health of human populations, and market access.


Another role of IAS is to organize short technical and scientific training courses that cannot be met through the normal teaching program of the University.

Our Units

The various units of IAS are the Laboratory Services unit, the Environment unit, the Pacific Biodiversity Research Centre (that houses the South Pacific Regional Herbarium), the Pacific Natural Products Research Centre, and the Quality, Marketing & Communication unit. With these five units and the large contingent of skilful and dedicated staff in diverse scientific capabilities, IAS makes these resources available to regional and international organisations, governments, businesses, and the people of the Pacific region.

Laboratory Services

The analytical laboratory at IAS is an internationally accredited laboratory that offers a wide range of services in the analyses of foods, feeds and water to its customers.

Pacific Natural Products Research Centre

The Centre was established in 2001 under the guidance and leadership of Professor William Aalbersberg as a research branch for the Institute of Applied Sciences (IAS).

South Pacific Regional Herbarium and Biodiversity Centre

Established in 1933, the South Pacific Regional Herbarium is a repository that houses more than 50,000 plant specimens. The collection has expanded over the years and now also includes non-plant specimens in its Biodiversity Centre.

Environment Unit

The Institute of Applied Science (IAS) Environment Unit conducts environmental impacts assessments and can monitor land and water biodiversity and water quality.

Quality, Marketing & Communication

The Quality, Marketing & Communication (QMC) Unit provides quality management services, markets and promotes the services of the Institute.

Administration, Finance & Governance

The Administration, Finance and Governance unit promotes strategic and responsible stewardship of resources to achieve operational excellence.

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