IAS Management Committee

The IAS Management Committee is chaired by the USP Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & International), Professor Derrick Armstrong and comprises senior Academic and Professional staff who are leaders in the respective schools, institutes and faculties that are associated with IAS.  The Committee held a meeting on 26 June 2018 and are currently tasked with providing feedback on reviewing the USP Institutes policy.  The Committee also endorsed the IAS Strategic Plan 2017-2021 and reviewed the IAS Annual Reports including budgeting and financial reports.

IAS Management Committee members at the IAS Biofuel Laboratory
Professor Derrick Armstrong Chairman Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research, Innovation  & International), USP
Associate Professor Bibhya Sharma Acting Dean, FSTE, USP
Dr Johann Poinapen Director, The Institute of Applied Sciences, USP
Professor Surendra Prasad    School of Biological & Chemical Sciences, FSTE, USP
Professor Maurizio Cirrincione School of Engineering & Physics, FSTE, USP
Dr Morgan Wairiu Deputy Director, Pacific Centre for Environment & Sustainable Environment (PACE-SD), USP