Project Name

International Cooperative Biodiversity Group (ICBG)


567000 USD




Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT)


IAS Leading & Coordinating


Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC)
Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)


The ICBG program aims to integrate improvement of human health through drug discovery, conservation of biodiversity, promotion of scientific research and economic capacity of developing countries. In particular, the program hopes to discover and develop new pharmaceuticals from natural sources and to conserve the resources from which these pharmaceuticals are derived. The project also endeavors to work with the local and national governments to secure access to marine samples and establish benefit-sharing protocols and mechanisms that support the research activities.

Project Objectives

  1. To work with local and government officials to secure access to marine samples and establish benefit-sharing policies.
  2. To enhance microbial resources for drug discovery.
  3. To conduct algal and invertebrate collection, extract preparation and natural product isolation.
  4. To provide training and technology transfer.
  5. To promote reef conservation through education, scientifically-based management, and biodiversity based income generation.
  6. To achieve long-term sustainability of the CDDC.

Product outputs

All outputs are ongoing and in progress
Permits and MOUs for collection in the Solomon Islands and Fiji are in place.
• We target the production of 1000 bacterial extracts annually
• We collect samples and prepare extracts for all algal and invertebrate samples, including natural product isolation.
• We attend and organize workshops when needed encourage appropriate technology transfer to Fiji and Solomon Islands
• We work with other collaborators to achieve long-term sustainability of the CDDC