Leadership and Management Training

The leadership and management training for i Taukei chiefs has continued and three more provinces completed in 2013 and the final province, Lau, begun.  This i Taukei Affairs Board (iTAB) has taken over leadership of the training with staffing support from IAS. Also working with iTAB a program to place environmental specialists at the Provincial […]

Integrated Coastal Management (ICM)

2013 The work with integrated coastal management (ICM) continues in Ra and Kadavu provinces with the development and implementation of action plans to address coastal management issues.  In 2014, it is hoped that a Framework for a provincial coastal management plan can be developed and completed for at least one province. 2011 IAS also continued […]

Locally-Managed Marine Area work

Description The grant is to support “LMMA Network – From Local to Global: Upscaling local management success to improve Global Coastal Fisheries and Marine Management”.The grant started on 1st October 2013 and ends on 30th September 2015. IAS/USP has been the fiscal host for the funds since 2000. The LMMA Network promotes community based adaptive […]

SESA FIJI (Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) for Fiji REDD+ Readiness)

Description USP-IAS with its team of well experienced & qualified consultants have been contracted on this project to critically analyse REDD+ strategy options from a social and environmental point of view and propose measures/safeguards to mitigate these risks and impacts during REDD+ strategy implementation. The project also encourages a multi-stakeholder engagement approach that will be […]

RESCCUE Project Fiji

About RESCCUE RESCCUE stands for the Restoration of Ecosystem Services against Climate Change, a regional project implemented by the Pacific Community (SPC). The RESCCUE project operates in two French Territories namely, New Caledonia, French polynesia and two Pacific Island Countries, Fiji and Vanuatu. The overall goal of RESCCUE is to contribute to increasing the resilience […]

Lab Projects 2009 – 2013

Product development – “Taki Mai”:  For more than a decade the Food Unit of IAS has been working with potential partners to develop commercial products based on the relaxing properties of chemicals found in kava.  Obstacles have been finding a low-cost method to obtain these kava lactones and countering European claims that some extraction methods gave […]

Samoa Flora Project l

The National Tropical Botanical Garden, Kauai, organized a flora expedition on Upolu and Savai’I on Samoa. Our local bryophyte specialist, was the recipient of their fellowship award to join the six-week expedition, which provided the opportunity to collect bryophytes from various habitats and localities on the two main islands of Samoa.

Sovi Basin Plot Monitoring

Description The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations approved a grant for the reassessment of the long term monitoring plots and provision of a scientific report on the current state of biological diversity within the Sovi Basin Protected Area. In 2006, the Archaeological aspect of the Sovi Basin was described with the identification […]

Expedition to the Solomon Islands

The South Pacific Regional Herbarium coordinated a historic, biological expedition, funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) and the USP Research Office, to the interior of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. The purpose of the expedition was to investigate the diverse flora and fauna of this biological hotspot. More here:[tt_news]=2265&cHash=87612a573c12192f7cbfc0ef5b24e9b2 and here:[tt_news]=2817&cHash=b8da1ddb6aeb8f759373035b8d89f90d. […]

REDD+ Emalu Grassland Survey

A rapid biodiversity assessment and archaeological survey was conducted on the Emalu grassland, a REDD+ pilot study site, in the Noikoro District of the Navosa Province on Viti Levu. External links: