Isolation of bioactive products from sponge associated bacteria belonging to the genus Pseudoalteromonas

Bacterial strain 1903 was isolated and purified from Solomon Islands marine sediment samples. From its morphological features, it was classified as a Streptomyces. The secondary metabolites of strain 1903 were extracted using EtOAc. Bioassay guided purification of the extract produced two known pure compounds; 5-deoxyenterocin and vulgamycin (also known as enterocin). Both compounds were strongly active against WTSA (MIC <1 µg/mL) and in BSA (MIC <1 µg/mL). 5-deoxyenterocin was also active against RRSA (MIC of 250 µg/mL) while vulgamycin showed bioactivity against MRSA (MIC of 250 µg/mL). This report contains the first bio-activity results of 5-deoxyenterocin to be recorded and the first bio-activity results of vulgamycin in brine shrimp assay to be reported.